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Friday, March 6, 2015

Brag About It #3

It's Friday already?! The weeks just keep flying! I guess that's a good thing because I have hit that point where if I step outside one more morning and want to cry because I'm so cold I'm up and leaving. Good thing it's going to be heating up this weekend ;)

I meant to post more this week but between working 62 hours and trying to get my workouts in it just wasn't possible. I'm cooking tonight so hopefully I'll have a recipe for ya'll soon. 

Last Friday I was so happy because people participated in my Brag About It!! Shout Outs go to my Aunt Julie for being a kick ass momma who didn't burn the house down and got her workouts in, my dad (Dougie) for losing another 1.8 pounds, my mom (Kati) for getting her full 8 hours of sleep and workouts in despite horrible circumstances, and Rochelle (aka my second momma) for raising 2 amazing children (I can vouch for one since she is my roommate and best friend!) So that's 2 more people than last week! Woo woo! Maybe I'll get lucky and get 5 people this week :)

I was thinking about this post all week and couldn't think what I was going to say... I just realized I had a huge accomplishment this week!! 30 Day Challenge is over and I made it!!!! I survived NO: pizza, ice cream, fast food, alcohol, or sweets for an entire 30 days! While I was reflecting on the 30 day challenge I decided it really wasn't that bad. My roommate and I celebrated our victory with pizza the size of our face at Papa Keno's and I realized how badly I wanted BBQ Chicken pizza... I was in a happy place last night :)

Then I realized I may have compensated by eating more peanut butter..... Ummm... Oopss.. So I've started another 30 Day Challenge with myself. NO: PEANUT BUTTER (not including pb2, I don't really want to go through withdrawal, and detox just isn't my thing ;)  ), cereal, or prepackaged popcorn. I have a feeling this is going to be a little more rough than the last challenge. 

What are you going to brag about this week?

Want to join my challenge with me?! You've only missed 2 days, and we can have one big party with peanut butter, peanut butter cheerios, peanut butter m&m's and kettle corn when it's all over :)

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