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About The Blog

A Life with Giggles was created because I had recently moved to Kansas City, Missouri, a place where I knew no one, and frankly I was lonely!! I wanted something I could do at night when I came home from clinical that gave me a break from school for a while. 

I'm hoping as I blog more I can begin making blogger friends like I have read about all over the blogger world! I have learned blogging helps people connect with others with the same interests all over the world, and am very excited to see what this little adventure has to offer for me! 

As I mentioned earlier, I am doing this blog to get away from my school work for a bit. I'm sorry if there are grammatical errors, misspellings, etc. I'm only human and will do my best! I am an exclamation point fanatic, and go comma crazy!!! I'm sure if my English teacher Aunts end up reading this they will cringe because of all of my mistakes, here is my apology beforehand. 

Behind the Name

Ever since I can remember my Uncle Rod has called me "Giggles" and for some reason it has always brought a smile to my face! I love this nickname and would rather be called that than some others I am called (Abbers, Abs, etc.) They make me cringe when I hear them, just ask my best friend! She looooveess to introduce me as Abbers when we meet new people, lovely. 

So, when I was brainstorming names I wanted to include something that really captured my personality! I love laughing and smiling and thought A Life With Giggles was perfect. So there you have it :)

About The Blogger

My name is Abbi Eggen and I am a 22-year-old from Waterloo, Nebraska. Waterloo is an itty-bitty village (not large enough to be a town) literally one minute from the Omaha city line.  I grew up on a small lake community called Riverside Lakes and loved every minute of it. When I graduated from DC West High School in 2009 I moved to Topeka, Kansas to begin college at Washburn University!

Graduation Picture with my lovely parents (my mother is going to kill me for this)

While at Washburn I joined Delta Gamma where I met some of my best friends and learned how to become an independent woman! Joining Delta Gamma was the best decision of my life. Being 3 hours away from the rest of my family was rough, and being in Delta Gamma helped with this tough time! I always had a shoulder to cry on, a partner to workout with, and others to cook, gossip, and laugh with. 

Bid Day from my Junior Year (in there somewhere) 

Typical DG Picture

I began radiology school in the Fall of 2011 and graduated in May 2013. It was the hardest most rewarding 2 years of my life! I did my clinical hours at St. Francis where I was hired in September 2012. I learned so much from the program and the technologists and love working in the Radiology Department at Saint's! After I graduated from X-ray school I moved to Kansas City to begin Radiation Therapy school in the fall! I was fortunate enough to do my clinicals through The University of Kansas Cancer Centers and met some of the most genuinely caring people I have ever met. They were the best support system during that grueling year and I owe them a huge Thank You! 

I am now living in Lawrence and working as a Radiation Therapist at Lawrence Cancer Center, Shawnee Mission Cancer Center, and The University of Kansas Cancer Centers. I am very fortunate to have these three PRN positions and am working beside some of the best therapists out there!

I am looking forward to finally getting back to the things I love (reading, working out, blogging, watching Netflix, visiting home) now that I have a little more free time!

So there you have it! A little bit about me :) Go ahead and let me know about you and any suggestions you have for the blog are welcome!!

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See Ya!!

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