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Friday, August 30, 2013

Inspiration Friday

Good morning!!

I'm posting from the Good Life :) about dang time!! 

It's only 8 and it's already been a great morning. I woke up super early to take my car in to get an oil change then took my dad to work so I could use his truck today! We got some quality father-daughter time in. I also got a tour of my parents' new house they are building! It is going to be stunning when it's finished! It definitely shows me the benefits of working hard, and being smart with your money when you are younger! My parents are going to be spending kid-free living in luxury :) 

After that I dropped my dad off at work, told him "make good choices!" like my mom used to tell my brother and I Every. Single. Day. Before school. Then came home and ran around the lake. Gotta say I'm a little impressed with myself. I don't remember the exact distance but I know it's over 2 miles and I ran it 18 minutes! Must have been all those carbs I ate at Valentino's last night, Haha! 
Gosh I've missed this view!! 

So now I'm ready to head out and get my hair done by the fabulous Lindsay! I'm thinking I might have to treat myself to an iced coffee at Starbucks first :) 

Pretty fitting for some stuff going on over here in my world! 

Happy Friday everyone!

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