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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last Day of Freedom

Today marks the last day of my last summer as a student. It wasn't the most eventful summer, or the funnest summer I have ever had, but it was a summer that included many life changing moments! 

I moved to a new city, moved into my very first apartment, got accepted into the radiation therapy program, learned how to stay connected to my friends while not being in the same city as them (a lot harder than expected), and took on more responsibilities at my work! 

This summer definitely had it's ups and downs. A down included my mom talking me into moving out of my house at 5 p.m. on a Thursday night and having both cars filled full of my stuff by 8 p.m. (this also included making a yummy dinner of Taco Skillet)! I know, impressive! I then crashed on a couple of my friends couches and roomed with my mom in a hotel for a week before I could move into my new apartment. Talk about stress!!! So thankful I had such a great mom to support me and help move me, what seemed like 1,000 times, this summer!

The highlight of the summer has been navigating through this brand-new big city! A couple of my friends and I have been able to check out some bars in the Westport area and it was a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to meeting new people here in KC and going on some more adventures with my old friends. Things can get a little crazy when we are all together (oh the memories!)  

I was also able to go on a couple trips this summer that were tons of fun! As a graduation present my parents took my brother and I to Washington D.C. for a week! My aunt and uncle tagged along and we stayed with my dad's cousins family! It was great hanging out with family we don't get to see very often. During this trip I decided I will live in the DC area in the future. I love the environment, the culture, and all the exciting things you can do there! My favorite place was Alexandria. Even though we went out on this adventure during a rainy day I fell in love with this quaint, little area. There were so many different boutiques and stores to check out. And the old cottages were adorable! I'm hoping when I get out of school there will be a couple Radiation Therapy jobs open in that area, a girl can dream right? *fingers crossed*

Little brother and I in front of White House

The last highlight from this summer was my girls trip to the Lake of the Ozarks with a couple of girls from work. I was a little unsure about going on a trip with people I didn't know as well as my close friends but it ended up being a ton of fun! We spent the morning shopping at the outlet malls, then headed to a local winery. At the winery my friend Colby and I found ourselves eyeing the beer instead of the wine (yuck) and joked that we would be the girls to ask for beer at a winery! After the winery we rested up and headed out to a bar called Dog Days, which ended up being a ton of fun! So many stories but I think we all decided what happens at the Ozarks, stays at the Ozarks ;) It was great getting out of my comfort zone and having a great time with co-workers!

Girls Trip! 
(notice me with no bags= broke girl problems)

The beer drinkers at the winery :)

Since my summer is officially over I guess I better go and tackle the piles of syllabi and homework assignments that are waiting for me :(

What was your favorite thing you did this summer?

Is there one place you know you HAVE to live at before you die?