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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Oh Hey There!

I know I've been MIA, you can blame that on school... But I'm happy to say that I am completely finished with my first semester of Radiation Therapy and was one class away from getting a 4.0!! I believe this is the first semester I've ever had 5 cumulative finals and am pretty happy with my results! 

Thought a little Thursday Thoughts to give ya'll a little update!

1. Baby Jet (my car) and I are having a fight. She is a diesel and does NOT like cold weather. She's such a diva. Needless to say these cold nights have not been treating her right and she is refusing to start. Lovely. Soo I'm just sitting here patiently (ha, ya right! Me patient?!) waiting until it gets a little warmer to try and start her up (fingers, toes, legs, and arms crossed she does!)

2. I worked on a little crafting project after my finals were over and am actually pretty happy with it! As you know I was in a sorority and being in a sorority you get a T-shirt for absolutely everything, it is ridiculous!! So I have had a trash bag full of T-shirts in my trunk that I just couldn't part with! I finally came up with the idea to make a tie rug out of them! I was super excited to make it until I hit about row 4... then I was over it. It took numerous Netflix movies and many breaks to stretch out my shoulders and neck (haha how sad it that) but I got it done in 24 hours! 


3. I get to go to Cheesecake Factory with some of my friends tonight and I am so excited! I have been in my little apartment all by myself for over a week and think I have gone crazy... 

4. My apartment is CLEAN!!! Yep this has been the highlight of my day.... It helped pass the time until I can try and start my car. 

5. My little car crisis (yes, i'm being dramatic) has affirmed the reason why I'm moving to a big city like DC or Chicago. I have never appreciated mass transit so much in my life. 

6. I get to go home next Friday and couldn't be more excited! My Mom's 50th birthday celebration, christmas light viewing, Christmas with the fam, Christmas with the second fam (The Depke's), and Christmas Eve mass in a new church are just a few highlights! 

7. Seeing a friend go through some hard times sure makes you appreciate what you've got! Hug your family and friends as much as possible, and tell them "I Love You" everyday! 

I'll be home for Christmas :)

Hope everyone has been great! And are all ready for Christmas :) Don't be a Grinch and listen to as much Christmas music as possible! "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

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