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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bachelorette Shenaniganz!

Well, it's Sunday night at 8 and I'm just now getting to my Bachelorette post! That should tell you how much fun we had! I've been in bed all day. I was pooped!!

So when I left you guys Saturday afternoon I went and met up with my cousin who was in town to try on a wedding dress she has been looking at. It was so much fun watching her try on dresses and I think she found a couple dresses that she liked and will be doing something fun with them! I love that my family comes to KC to visit, there's just so much to do here!

When her appointment was finished I headed to the hotel to help my friends get ready for the bachelorette party. They decorated the conference room all cute, packaged up the girls' lingerie, and I got to work on making their shirts for them! 

Once everything was all prepped we turned up the music and got ready for the night!! It was hilarious seeing 20 girls running around a hotel with Tutu's on! 

So Poofy!!! SO Fun!!

Once we were all settled into the conference room it was time for the girls to open their presents! My friend who organized the party had a great idea and numbered the bags of lingerie, when the girls opened an outfit we had to name it (black mamba, sexy little thing, little bo peep) were just a couple we came up with! We wrote these names down and made a "Menu" for the Hubby's-to-be so they can choose what "menu" item they want to see! So funny! We then ate some Delicious cake and then headed to dinner at Hamburger Mary's!  I had never been there but the food was really good! 

After dinner we headed to a part in KC called Westport where we bar hopped! Then walked back to the hotel and crashed! I know I'm missing a ton of stuff that happened but I'm exhausted and am going to go and catch up on some Sons of Anarchy :)

Before I head out though! The Lucky Charm Mix was a hit! You can find the recipe here.

Have a relaxing Sunday evening everyone! 

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