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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Here We Go!

So this post is going to be a little bit deeper than my recent posts.  When I began this blog just a week ago I wanted to use it as a way to get away from school for a while. But today I realized that I have lost control in one area of my life, and I thought maybe I could use my blog to help me get back on track!

Ever since middle school I have struggled with my weight. I have never been obese by any means but have always been bigger than most of my friends, and just haven't ever been comfortable with my body.  I haven't really ever let it get to me until the past year. I have noticed it consumes my life. I wake up thinking about my weight, find myself thinking about it a lot during the day, and go to bed hating myself. It's terrible, and not a way I want to be living my life! 

In all other aspects of my life I am very, let me repeat very organized. I have a plan and stick to the plan. So, why can't I seem to stick to the plan when it comes to my diet? I think I use food to relax from my daily schedule. Lately I have been not only eating what I want, but large quantities of what I want. NOT GOOD!!!! I have decided I need to incorporate my eating into my daily schedule so I have come up with a couple of goals for myself!

So, I'm excited to start this and stick to it! You will be seeing a daily(ish) log of what I'm having every day but I also want to incorporate other things in my life, because let's face it who wants to read a blog of the same foods every day (not me)! 

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! This girl is  heading to the store to pick up some sweet potatoes for dinner :)

What do you guys do to keep yourself accountable?

Is there a part of your life you need help with?

Any suggestions for me to stick to my goals?

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