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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Things I'm Loving Lately

Hello Everyone!! 

It has been a pretty non-eventful day over here. Woke up and logged into my clinical lecture which was actually very interesting! It is so cool to learn what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life!! Then I finished up some homework and headed to the gym for a tough workout (more on that later), and ran some errands! Now tonight I'm just going to work on some more homework, pretty much what my life is going to consist of for the next year!

So since it was a boring day for me I thought I'd just mention some things I have been loving lately!

1) Bought this popcorn at Target today... Let's just say it is testing my ability to eat smaller portions... SO good.

2) I am loving me some Randy Houser music right now. That man can sing!! 

Go Check him out!!

3) The fact that it is less than 11 days until Husker Football Season!!!!!!!  I'm so excited to get to go home and tailgate with my dad and some of my family. 

4) Loving the Summer Shape Up workouts  that Jess has put together! 

Today I did this workout + 40 minutes on the treadmill + 20 minutes on the bike for a cool down! I did the countdown workout in about 9 minutes and 45 seconds. When we do it again in a couple of weeks I'm hoping for about 9 minutes... We'll see! I was super disappointed in my treadmill workout! Sometimes it is just so hard to get back in the groove of running :(

5) Loving that I'm going home to visit the family in a little over a week! I haven't been home since graduation (May) and am missing that place so dang much.

My lovely fam :)

6) Modern family is going to be nightly this year... Ummm talk about the best study break ever!!!!! Cam is my absolute favorite, and hey he's from KC! How cool is that?

Well I better get back to my homework, great :/  hope everyone had a great day!

What is your favorite show?

What are some things you are loving lately?

Looking forward to anything coming up?!

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