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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween!!!! There is just something about a holiday that puts people in a good mood! All my patients seemed to be in good moods and everyone around the building were ready for the festivities. Our office has been decorated for over a month so we have been in the halloween spirit for a while. We didn't get to dress up for the occasion, but I did get to wear my Halloween scrubs my mom was so nice to purchase for me :)

So Many Leaves!! I remember "helping" my dad rake the leaves at our old house. I begged him to buy these leaf bags!

I do have to make a confession, I'm writing this with Christmas music on in the background.... I usually make myself wait until November 1st, but what's a couple hours early going to do? There's just something about Christmas music that I love! 

I did manage to watch one of the Halloween movies last night! It was the perfect night for it since it stormed here for a couple of hours. There is just something about those movies that I love! 

Dorothy and todo (me) and Batman (my brother) 

I didn't realize how living alone could make things like holiday's make you feel even more lonely. All of my friends are going to Halloween parties in Topeka, and my baby cousins are Trick-or-Treating back home! It sure does suck sometime, but that's okay! I'm sure I will be back around them sooner or later! And my Aunt was nice enough to send me a picture of the two little guys in their costumes, they are adorable!

So now, I'm going to go be a radiation therapy student for halloween and attempt to get some homework done. Hope everyone is having a great and safe Halloween night!

4 year old Abbi knows how I'm feelin :( 

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