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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cheat Days

A large majority of people struggle with keeping a healthy lifestyle. Some people just can't get themselves motivated to workout a couple of minutes a day, others can't grasp what is healthy for them and what is not, and others understand what to eat but can't force themselves to make the right choices! I happen to fall into the latter. I know I should go drink some water or read a book instead of eat half a jar of peanut butter (I wish I were exaggerating), but I choose not to listen to that little voice inside of my head! 

Some people do have a handle on their healthy lifestyle, and are able to splurge every once in a while. Recently, I have learned this is my downfall. I do so well for a couple of days and start feeling so much better, then I splurge a little and fall off the healthy bandwagon for a couple days, then jump back on and fall right back off. It is seriously a vicious cycle and I am ready to end it! 

Recently, I joined Weight Watchers thinking it would help with this balance between splurging and eating healthy but I noticed I was still not able to hold myself back when I splurged a little, I ended up splurging a lot! I have come to the conclusion I need to stick to a plan for an extended amount of time to show myself I am able to eat healthy proportions! I have vowed to not give myself a day off for an entire month! This is my "No Days Off" vow and I am actually really excited about it! I have decided I am going to stay within my weight watchers points every single day, and not allow myself to use any of my extra points for an entire month. I am hoping once this month is over I will treat myself a bit, and will be able to go back to the plan the next day!

I am only on day 2 of my "No Days Off" plan and already feel soo much better! I am less tired and more motivated to do homework and work out when I get out of clinical. I will be checking in here every once in a while to update ya'll and to keep myself accountable! But I'm hoping to keep writing about fun things as well, not just boring updates! So, If ya'll don't hear from me in a while check-in! Keep me accountable!

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday! It's almost the weekend :)

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