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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Changing that Lifestyle

I have always had a love/hate relationship with eating healthy and working out. I love the way I feel when I eat healthy for a long amount of time and get my butt to the gym, but some days I seriously hate doing those things more than anything in the world! It seems like I can stay on track for about a week then I slip back into my old ways. It is by far the most frustrating thing I do and I have decided I'm putting an end to it! 

I have tried many, many times to get into a healthy lifestyle without success and so I knew this time around I really needed to write out what I needed to do! I think the biggest speed bump for me is when there is a change in my routine. This is a huge problem that I need to get over because I work PRN (when needed) at 4 different places! My schedule during the week is never the same! Now that I have recognized what my biggest issue is I have tried to find ways around it! So let's get into the steps I am taking to make this new lifestyle a habit, and a way of life, I will be living for the rest of my life.

Make A Schedule I already mentioned that my schedule is always different week to week. Heck, it changes daily sometimes! For example, this week I was only scheduled to work during the night until Friday, so I planned to attend my fitness classes in the morning! Well, something came up and I am working in the morning and at night! Usually, I would have used this as an excuse not to work out but instead, I sat down with my workout calendar and replanned when I could do my workouts. That's another thing I have found helpful! I look at my work schedule and my gyms group fitness class schedule and plan which classes I can make that week, and if I'm not able to make any that day, I plan exactly what exercise I am going to do instead. These fitness calendars are becoming just as crucial as my planner!

Meal Plan This is one of my favorite things about my lifestyle change! I am a HUGE planner. I live by my planner, have lists for things that won't happen in my life for years, and am thrown for a loop when my plan changes. It is one of my best and worst traits. Anyway, I use my workout calendar as my meal planner as well. On Sunday I looked at what leftovers I had in my fridge and decided I needed to make another meal that would get me through the week. I then wrote down on my calendar exactly what I would be having for dinner for that week. This is also super important for me because I don't have time to figure out what I want for dinner when I'm working nights! This step also helps me make my grocery list and ensures I'm not wasting money on food I don't need at the grocery store. 

Meal Prep This isn't one of my favorite parts of the lifestyle change, but it's so easy once I get my butt into the kitchen and do it! I generally only plan what I'm going to eat for dinner and just kind of figure out what I'm going to do for breakfast and lunch when I wake up. That being said I need options! I love having a stock of overnight oats with different kinds of fruit, plenty of greek yogurt, egg whites, and cottage cheese in my fridge! I also know sometimes I just need something sweet to eat! To help with these cravings, I make sure and make plenty of sugar free jello, packaged in 1/2 cup containers, and I even throw some light cool whip on top! It is the perfect little snack and only 30 calories!   

 Successful Meal Prep!
                                                  A look into my fridge! So many containers
Join a Gym This is part of the change I have been putting off for a very long time. Ever since I was a Freshman in high school I have gone to group fitness classes, my favorite being Body Pump. When I went to Washburn I had access to a gym that had group fitness classes! It wasn't until I moved to Kansas City that I didn't have access to a gym. My apartment complex had a nice work out facility but I really missed my group exercise classes! It was so hard to motivate myself, and I felt like there was nothing holding me accountable! I finally bit the bullet and joined a gym. I have only been a member for a couple of days but am already loving it! I am meeting with a personal trainer 3 times my first month, then once a month after that (this is all included in my fees)! I am not looking forward to my fitness test on Monday, but I am looking forward the months where I check back with the personal trainer and where I get to see the improvements I am making! I have also already taken 3 group fitness classes (Group Cycle, Group Power (pretty much body pump), and Yoga)! The best thing about group fitness classes is that they are held at certain times, and I am forced to get to the gym or I will miss it! 

Count my Calories This is crucial. Ya, it is so important I had to emphasize it 3 different ways! Every time I have fallen off the wagon it is because I failed to use myFitnessPal. This app is seriously my life line. My biggest struggle is when I go off of my diet I don't want to track it on myFitnessPal, so that is something I am really going to work on this go around! myFitnessPal is so great because there are days where I'm just not getting enough calories. Yesterday I had to come home at 9 at night and eat cottage cheese just to hit my calories for that day. Today on the other hand, I had to really watch what I ate for dinner because I was close to going over my calories for the day! It really makes me conscious of what I'm eating! 
 Just a typical day!

Follow the Plan Okay, I'm not perfect. I love chocolate, ice cream, pizza, and beer, and this lifestyle change is NEVER going to change that about me. I know there are going to be days where I go over my calorie count, or my schedule doesn't allow for me to work out. Or, I'm visiting home and my dad makes me do a shot of Fireball every time the Huskers score, which ends up being 7 shots and, well shoot now I'm drunk and that queso looks damn good! Can you tell this has happened a time or two? Anyway, it'll probably happen again, and I'm going to wake up the next morning, get an extra workout in and get back on the plan! The only way I'm going to make this lifestyle change permanent is if I make it a part of my day-to-day life and allow myself to go off the plan every once in a while. 

Thanks for the pic Aunt Julie!
Have fun! This has been a very daunting change that I have been putting off for years. I have always been afraid I'm going to miss out on a fun night with my friends, or a great meal because of it! I'm slowly learning I can still have fun while sticking to my goals! And I am finding I am having so much more fun because I'm not constantly thinking about my food choices, and my body image. So here's to a new, healthy lifestyle full of some good food and great workouts!

Any other ways ya'll stick to your diet/fitness plan?

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