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Monday, October 27, 2014


I got to go home for a long visit a couple of weeks ago but have been so busy I never got to write about it!! So it's better now than never :)

On October 13th my family welcomed the last little baby we will be having until the grandkids start having kids! My Aunt Julie and Uncle Chris welcomed little miss Addyson to their family and she is absolutely adorable! I got to shower her with kisses and cuddles while I was home and can't wait to cuddle with when I go home again!

 Look at those cheeks!!
You aren't a true Huskers fan if you weren't put in a Huskers onesie as a baby!
The three girls in the family!

Speaking of the three girls in the family, the girl on the right is my cousin Hannah! She is in college at UNL and I love it because she is always able to come hang out with me when I come home! It is always so fun to just hang out with her, catch up on our TV shows, talk about school, and just life in general! I am so fortunate to be so close to her! My mom asked me that weekend "If you were to get married tomorrow would Hannah be in the wedding?" I replied "Of Course!" Love you Hannah!!

There was also a Husker game when I was home so my parents had one of their infamous Husker parties! I got to see so many family members and eat so much food!! When the game was over some of my cousins and my family had a great impromptu karaoke session which included head banging with my cousin Keisha. *side note* We gave ourselves whiplash at my cousin Meredith's wedding from doing this, and were NOT supposed to be doing this again. Note to self, I really am going to stop head banging one of these days*end of note*  Thank goodness I didn't wake up with severe whiplash this time around! 

On Sunday it was my little cousin Carter's birthday! Hannah decided it would be fun to take them to the Henry Doorly Zoo! We had never really hung out with the boys without their parents before and I think we all had a great time! This was confirmed with Carter man exclaimed "Guys, are we having a good time?!" It was adorable. They are the best behaved kids and hopefully we can all do something together again soon! 
Carter and Logan hanging out in the Jungle!

Needless to say it was a great weekend and I miss everyone already :( After that weekend I came home and worked 7 days straight! This week I won't be working quite as much so hopefully I'll be writing a little more! Hope everyone has been enjoying this nice weather!

Have you had any highlights in October?

What is your favorite part of the zoo? 
I absolutely love watching the monkey's! They are hilarious! 

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