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Monday, November 10, 2014

Checkin In

Hey everyone! 

Hope you all had a great weekend. Just wanted to stop in and say hi! I've been staying busy between working and working out at night, and I got to go home this weekend so that hasn't left much time for blogging!

Soo let's see. I've stuck to the new lifestyle plan pretty well! It's crazy how much better you feel when you eat right and workout. I really look forward to the group fitness classes, especially Group Power! I'm going to my first kick boxing class tonight so we'll see how that goes! My eating was absolutely perfect until this weekend, but I'm back on track now that I'm back in Lawrence. You have to splurge every once in a while and I save those times for when I'm home. Oh my goodness, my mom made some pretty kick ass butternut squash soup like they have at Panera and I really wish I wouldn't have ate it all last night, dang self control :(

Speaking of this weekend... My work hubby and I headed up to Nebraska on Saturday to go to the Hoodie Allen concert with my brother and his girlfriend! I think I was more excited to eat dinner at El Bee's, but the concert was pretty fun as well! I had never been to Sokol and it's a pretty cool venue in Omaha! 

On Sunday I decided to splurge a little, and ended up buying a fitbit! So far my favorite thing about it is how it tracks my sleep! It blows my mind that it knows exactly when I was awake and asleep, how does that happen?! I'm not really sure how to use it to motivate me so if anyone has some tips I'm all ears! 
I need to figure out how to tell it when I'm done sleeping... 

I worked this morning and got to come home early and I slept pretty much all afternoon. I'm just not feeling so great but hopefully it's just allergies and I'll feel better tomorrow! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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