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Monday, December 1, 2014

Thankful Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know it was a couple of days ago but I am just resting up from my vacation week and work this weekend! 

Here's a little wrap up from my Thanksgiving vacation at home! 

I got to go home for a whole 5 days! I haven't done that in years and it was so nice to have time to spend with family. The night I got home we went to Mockingjay at a movie theatre in Omaha. We never go to movies so it was a lot of fun to go out with my parents and brother! The best part, other than dad paying of course ;), were the recliner seats.. Aww I am never going to another movie theatre again! 

The fam and I at the movie! 

The next day I went and did a killer workout with my mom then we headed over to Hyvee to eat with my little brother! After lunch we headed to Omaha to get some Christmas shopping done! When my dad got home he offered to help me clean my car, and by help he really meant he was going to do it for me. He's the best :) The only chore I was allowed to do was clean the tires... Thanks dad!
 My lunch date :)

After that I was exhausted and just hung out and watched the movie Sex Tape with my brother while my mom decorated the Christmas tree. Sex Tape is hilarious! 
 Apparently you can wash your car in Footie PJ's and UGGs
 Dad giving Ollie some love 

We headed up to Crofton, NE to spend a couple days with my dads side of the family. I did a lot of eating, drinking, and reading and got to spend a ton of time with my family! This year we are thankful for my baby cousin Addyson, whom I got to cuddle for many hours. I love going up to Crofton because there are no schedules or agendas and we're all crammed in one house for days. We taught my cousin how to play Phase 10 (a huge hit in our family) and it was just a great couple of days to relax!

On Friday I spent 6 hours in a car and got back to Lawrence at about 8 at night. I unpacked and went straight to bed so I could wake up early for work :/ 

Miss Addyson and Aunt Kati cuddling

That pretty much sums up my Thanksgiving vacation! I did make a crockpot breakfast casserole for brunch on Friday so I'll get that up on here soon! I'm also sitting here waiting for a pumpkin banana bread to come out of the oven, and will be making a yummy dinner... So plenty of recipes coming your way! 

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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