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Friday, February 13, 2015

Brag About It #1

Happy Friday!!! It's actually my Monday (wah wah) but that's okay :) I hope everyone has some fun plans for this weekend! Or no plans... I prefer the latter, just because I don't remember the last time I've had a weekend like that! 

I want to start something new on my blog! But in order for it to work I'm going to need to reader interaction :) That means YOU! I have noticed people are very good at putting themselves down. I hear more "I need to do this better, I wish I could do ___, etc." and not enough people building themselves up! 

So the challenge is: Every Friday I will make a post about something(s) I have done that I was proud of that week, and you must respond by bragging about yourself as well! You can either comment on the post itself or on the Facebook link, doesn't matter which one! You can brag about literally everything! It can be about your weight loss, healthy lifestyle, fitness, work, something you did at home... The list goes on and on and on. I can't wait to read everyone's comments!

I'm really excited about this new post and I hope my readers are as well. I'll be so sad if it doesn't work out :( Sooo let's not let that happen :)

Week #1
Yesterday I was at my cardio class with my favorite fitness instructor. She came up and chatted with me before the class and said "You're usually a Group Power girl right?" Then she pointed to where I had been set up and said "You were right there. Girl you have been kicking some serious butt in that class!" I was so proud of myself! The class was packed and the instructor (whom I have a major girl crush on) noticed me working my butt off! 

I am also proud of myself because I did some serious meal prep this week. I have an 8 day in a row stretch for work and knew if I wanted to stick to my healthy eating I had to do it! I now have egg white oatmeal, tuna/avocado salad/ and crockpot chicken fajita soup waiting for me in the fridge! 

Now it's your turn! Brag About It!!!!

What are you most proud of this week?

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