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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Hello!!! How has everyone been? I hope everyone has had a great 2015 so far. I just recently spent some time with my family and they mentioned more than once that they sure miss seeing my blog posts... Okay, okay I got the hint! 

My 2015 has been great so far! I pretty much worked January away (I had 4 days off in January) and have slowed down a bit in February. Other than working I have been spending a ton of time in the gym! What's better than making money and getting fit? I figured I should have thrown some fun in the mix so it was perfect timing to go home for my goddaughter, Addyson's, baptism!

Here are some things I've been up to in 2015!

 I'm finally using the "Wagon Wheels" in Group Power! 
Love the equipment at my gym. I can catch up on my blogs when I'm getting my extra cardio in!

I have the sweetest little Goddaughter! Love you Miss Addyson!

 (Grandpa, Dad, Uncle (dad's brother)) 
My dad and his brother are ALWAYS being mistaken as twins.. My dad is 10 years older! Haha sorry Chris :)

I have seen so many people going to these painting nights where you paint a picture on a canvas and drink wine! I thought it would be perfect for something my mom, aunt, cousin could do while I was home! I learned that I am not artistic... But that I am great at acting helpless so the artist helped me paint my picture.. Of course the parts she didn't help with I messed up royally and my picture got made fun of the rest of the night :(
We had a blast!! Thanks Uncorked in Omaha!!

So that's pretty much what I've been up to lately! I almost forgot my roommate, Laura, asked me to do a 30 day challenge with  her. I said yes before she told me the details..... I got myself into the 30 day challenge from hell.... NO: pizza, ice cream, sweets (including everything our patients bring us), fast food, and alcohol.... We are on Day 9 and have both stuck to it! Since I did this challenge that meant no drinking at our painting night... I firmly believe this is the reason my painting looked like a 3rd grader did it. Thanks Laura. 

The most recent highlight of 2015 was getting my brand new desk my grandpa made for me! This picture doesn't do it justice. He did an amazing job. I am so blessed to have such a talented grandpa who put so much and time effort into making this for me. Not only did he make this desk for me, but him and Grandma also drove down to Lawrence to deliver it! It was great having them here. We went to dinner and talked about when they grew up, how they met, and how much things have changed in the 50+ years they've been married. I just love them so much and am so happy they made the trip to Lawrence! I also worried about them the entire 6 hour trip they had back to Crofton and was so relieved when they got home. I must have a little bit of my Grandma in me :) I am truly blessed to have such great grandparents! Thanks for the desk Grandpa, I will find that hidden note one of these days!

What have ya'll been up to?

Any good workout songs you've been listening to? My workout playlist is in need of some new songs! New and old :)

We're having a debate in our house: Are dark chocolate dusted (not covered in chocolate) almonds a sweet? I say heck no! They barely even taste like chocolate. Laura says they are... She's a hard ass and I say I don't care what she says :)

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